How to Use Large Wall Art for Living Room

Large wall art in the living room can be used in many ways, and framed or unframed pieces can be great focal points. Framed prints come in many different styles, from thick to thin, gold leaf to painted. Choose something that matches the overall finish of the room. For example, you might choose a piece with brass hardware and light fixtures. While these two items are classic choices, they are not appropriate for every room.

If you’re artistic, try hanging a corkboard world map, preferably an oversized one. Or, you can purchase a large one and add colorful push pins to add some color to the living room decor. Either way, the finished piece will be a conversation piece in your living room. If you’re a world traveler, a large corkboard world map would be a fun addition to the decor.

In addition to adding personality to the living room, you can also use oversized wall art to add drama and style. Choose pieces that fill two to three-quarters of the wall space and are three quarters the width of the furniture. When choosing a large wall piece, keep in mind that a smaller piece may leave the living room feeling empty or boring. However, the larger the piece, the more impact it will have on the room.

Another great way to fill a large wall is to hang framed words, such as a quote from a favorite movie or song. You can choose a variety of frames, ranging from one to many. These are inexpensive ways to decorate a large space. A simple way to create a more unique look is to use a mirror. The reflective surface of the mirror will make the room look bigger and brighter.

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