How Big Should Wall Art Be?

Wall art is an important decoration, but it must be just the right size to stand out and complement the room. Too small, and your room will feel bare and unfinished. A good rule of thumb is four to seven inches wide by six to seven and a half inches deep. To find the right size, simply measure the wall where you want to hang the artwork. You can also use the following tips for determining the perfect size:

Measure the available wall space. This refers to the empty wall space that is not covered by furniture or molding. Divide the available wall space by three and multiply that number by 0.57. If your wall is 120 inches long and you want a two-by-three-inch piece, make the new one twenty-four inches wide. If the existing piece is smaller than 24 inches, divide that number by three and multiply the new one by three.

Consider the height of the piece and its place on the wall. Artwork hung over a couch, for example, should be at least three-quarters of its width. For example, a six-foot-wide couch should be covered by a canvas of three-quarters to four feet wide. Similarly, a painting over a fireplace should be as large as the opening of the fireplace. In other words, the size of your wall art should be in proportion to the size of the artwork.